About Me

Who Am I?

I’ve always liked to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed in their digital marketing endeavours.

For the better part of a decade this is what I have been doing and what I continue to do.

A self-taught, engineering-degree-holding digital marketing strategist, I may have an unorthodox upbringing but with Google, who really needs anything else in our day and age anyway?

Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’ll¬†soon set up shop in Melbourne, Australia (March 2016) where I spend most of my time with my wife and kids.

From Tobacco Seller To Digital Marketing Advocate

My route to any form of marketing began at an unlikely source – deep in the bowels of the world’s largest tobacco company, Philip Morris.

I was hired while still studying in Melbourne, appointed to join their management trainee program under the production department once my degree was completed.

Long story short, after a year literally working from the tobacco farms, to the cigarette manufacturing factories, I had had enough. I asked for a transfer to the marketing team which was thankfully granted.

It’s here where my marketing training really began.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how would a below-the-line (means pretty much no regular marketing like billboards or newspaper adverts) company who can’t even show their own logo on print materials help in starting a career in marketing?

Good question.

Strange as it may seem, we were trained in all the skills required, from dealing with advertising agencies, budgeting, trending adverts, print deign and more…

The Call Of Entrepreneurship

Becoming my own boss was always a strong calling and in 2006 I gave up a good career in marketing and soon went into business for myself. At the time digital marketing wasn’t a new thing but it was no where near as developed as it is today.

I spent the next few years upskilling my digital knowledge, through online courses, real world experiences through client campaigns and good ‘ol Google to the point that I was developing my own digital marketing strategies for clients in various industries.

Fast forward to the present and the skills of myself and my team include infographics, advanced pay per click (PPC) and social media marketing amongst others.

No degree? No problem.

Digital Marketing Magic From Melbourne?

As of March 2016, I will be based in Melbourne, Australia while keeping my operations in Malaysia to keep costs to myself and my future clients here low while I grow my local team.

If you are looking to transform your online marketing strategies and get your brand an awesome presence, book a FREE Skype consultation with me.

To your success,