The Day I Made President Obama (More) Famous

Back in April 2014 a client hired me for a ‘special’ job – generate social media buzz for President Obama’s visit to Malaysia.

As part of a trip around the region in support of an organization that he created called the Young South East Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), he would be having a town hall talk at one of the local universities to the YSEALI delegates, invited guests and dignitaries.

Working with my client and the US State Department, the brief was clear: make President Obama trend on Twitter the day of the town hall speech.

Why Twitter? Because that was the channel being tracked by the State Department back in America and their preferred social media channel of choice.

How hard could it be?

For those who don’t know, the President of the United States goes by the Twitter handle @POTUS and the topic hashtag of #POTUS, so people naturally use these in their online conversations.

This was going to be easy I thought to myself – just get the public to do my work for me!

And then came the kicker, that’s not how the State Department were going to track this campaign.

They had created a new channel called #YSEALITALK for the duration of the convention.

A channel that nobody was using and I only had 3 days to get it donethis was going to be tricky. Continue reading “The Day I Made President Obama (More) Famous”