What Is The Facebook Formula?

Ok let me clear up one thing first, there is no magic bullet in Facebook marketing, so don’t expect one from this guide – what I can share with you is that there are a few things you can do, which me and my team do time after time which gets you results on Facebook.

But there are also things other people do that gets them results too.

What I’m trying to say is that this formula that I’ve developed is not the only way to do things, you should over time create your own formula, add a bit of spice here a dash of salt there and make it your own, the results will feel more rewarding that way trust me!

Note: this guide has been written for people relatively new to Facebook marketing.

content + ads + remarketing => conversions

  • Content: If conversions was a fish, then content would be the bait. You have to show something enticing to even get people interested in the first place, when they want to find out more, that’s when you ‘catch’ them.
  • Ads: Facebook doesn’t work organically as well as it used to. With the pressure of keeping revenue growing year after year, it is becoming more advert-centric. Want to get new fans? Pay for adverts. Want to contact all your own fans? Pay for adverts. Want to get people to visit your website? I think you get the point.
  • Remarketing: Possibly the best way to get casual browsers into buyers. Follow them with your adverts until they either get fed up, or they buy. Been to Amazon.com lately and browsed on a black leather show? Notice how when you are on Facebook you still seed adverts for the exact same shoe and colour? That’s not an accident, that’s retargeting/ remarketing in action.
  • Conversions: Your end result – is it a lead, registration, sale, phone call? Whatever your business uses to track the success of online campaigns, it’s as simple as that.

How Does The Formula Work?

It works like this – every part of the formula does better depending on the quality of that section, for example if your content quality increases and everything stays the same, the conversions should theoretically increase, maybe because your content was more targeted to that audience, or more in depth than your competitors?

Same goes for all the other sections, the better the ads, or the better the remarketing, the better your conversions.

Now we could have added testing or optimization to the formula, but I believe that to make incremental changes to the content, ads, or remarketing, the best way is to test and optimize everything regardless, so no need to add it to the formula.

Also for the purposes of this guide, I wanted to keep the formula simple to understand.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the basics of the formula, we can focus on a) the basics of how each section works and b) how to improve them.

Again remember that this guide is for beginners in Facebook marketing, but I hope there are some nuggets of useful information for more advanced marketers as well.


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